Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Recycled Art

Each year RACC does this "Recycled Art Challenge".  I've never had a piece of art in it.  It's a juried exhibition where the artist is supposed to make artwork from recycled or recyclable materials... or you can do art with the theme of recycling.  Way outside of what I normally do... I give you "The Glass Balloon".  Made from a burnt out light bulb, a pickle jar, a toothpaste cap and the base is a scrap piece of counter top that would have been thrown out.  It was fun to create and hopefully I made it in the show.


  1. Creativity is a wonderful thing. That piece doesn't look recycled in the least which makes it so good! And it's a great way to exercise one's creativity. I really hope I get better at this whole art thing so I can do things like this eventually!

    1. You need to post a drawing. Come on!!!

    2. Hmm... you may be right. Fair enough... I'll post one very soon.

      It's only that I've had so little time and I'm really trying to get the basics of faces down. It looks so much easier than it actually is!